Preschool - Grade 5

Kids' Connection

Hilltop’s educational programming for preschool through grade 5 seeks to move students and their families toward a deeper, richer understanding of the love of God and the relationship He desires with each of us.

We believe that children are capable of extraordinary, faithful discipleship when given the right tools. The Trackers curriculum is intentionally designed for this high view of children, acknowledging that children understand the truth of Scripture and how they can apply it to their lives.

Trackers of Faith

Developed by Seedbed Kids, Trackers of Faith is designed to develop the basics of Christianity in our children, instilling in them a knowledge of where truth is found and a desire to seek truth for themselves.

Last year, throughout the Trackers Old Testament program, we learned about thirty different God-followers who were awaiting the Messiah. And now He arrives on the scene—in person! In the New Testament, we finally see the way to become a God-follower is through Jesus Christ alone. Each week, the children will also learn practical lessons of personal application to assist them in their own spiritual growth.


What to Expect?

Kids' Connection will be a fully digital experience through the end of this year. Each Wednesday parents will receive a link to a parent guide with a short bible lesson and a video that explains the biblical concept.

Prayer Partners

"So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24)

As a church, we realize that students need older generations to model faith and pray for them. The Prayer Partners initiative will match students with same-gender prayer partners from our congregation. We want to see relationships form as students gain trusted adults in their lives who love and follow Jesus.


Children ages 3-18 will be paired with a praying adult the same gender as the child from the church. This adult is prayerfully chosen at random by the Children, Youth, and Family ministry team under the guidance of the pastor. Students can count on their prayer partner to periodically ask for prayer requests and to pray for the student weekly. There is no expectation or plan to meet face-to-face. This partnership is intended to last for one school year, but partners may choose to continue longer.