What to expect

You are welcome here!

New guests at Hilltop

We are so excited to have you as our guest at Hilltop. Here are a few questions you may have as you come to Hilltop for the first time.


Are children welcome in worship?

Absolutely. We think it is important for children to be present at worship. At worship, children are shaped by things that we say and do together in that hour, helping them develop a lifelong faith. We do not expect children in worship to act like adults – since they aren’t. We often hear babies and children throughout the worship service and truly consider them joyful noises. If the noise of your child is bothering you, you are also welcome to step to the large entryway where a speaker is located and windows let you see inside the sanctuary. During the school year children in preschool through 5th grade are invited to Kids' Connection which takes place at 10:30 am. Our nursery welcomes infants and toddlers year-round during the 9:15 am service.

How should I dress?

You will find that the people of Hilltop are comfortable dressing in many ways. Some dress in jeans/shorts and t-shirts while others dress up and everything in between. During the football season, many others share their team spirit on Sundays! You are welcome to dress however you feel most comfortable.

What is the worship service like?

Everything we do in worship is to give Glory to God and to experience the breakthrough power of God’s love in our lives. 

9:15 am Sunday Worship: This service incorporates elements of both traditional and contemporary worship—with the music being a regular mix of older hymns and newer music all presented with an excellent, culturally relevant sound led by our Worship Leader along with a band of vocalists and musicians.


How do I connect beyond worship?

For many people worship is the “front door” of experiencing what God is doing at Hilltop, but we don’t just want you to stay there. First, be sure to fill out and turn in the Connect Card. That is the best way for you to officially connect with us for the first time. Beyond that, know that we want you to be our guest in everything that God is doing here. From Connect Groups to mission opportunities, there is something for everyone. Check out our GET CONNECTED page to discover more.