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Worship Survey

We've entered the next phase of the re-gathering plan and the church council is discussing how we will re-open the church. We have tentatively planned for a return to in-person, outdoor, worship service on Sunday, May 9. Please take a moment to answer a few questions so that we can better plan for re-opening. 

Please share your name and email address:

1. In the last 12 weeks, how frequently have you watched online worship?
2. Our planned return to worship will require wearing masks and social distancing. We will be allowed to sing. Are you comfortable worshipping under these guidelines?
3. Please indicate your current thoughts on returning to in-person worship:
4. Which is a greater influence on your decision to attend a worship service?
5. I am a member of the Choir and/or Worship Band and when we return to worship in the building:

What do you feel is the most important ministry of Hilltop?

Thank you for completing the worship survey!

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