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I am eager to partner with The Wesley Foundation at MNSU Mankato!

You can count on me to contribute in the following way(s):

We are looking for faithful men and women to partner with us by:

1. Praying for us  

First and foremost, we long to cultivate a community of prayer warriors who will follow our journey through quarterly ministry updates. These persons will commit to being a resource of spiritual support throughout the school year. 

2. Providing meals  

Every Sunday night we gather at Hilltop UMC for a night of community and personal formation, beginning with a free home-cooked meal at 6:00 pm. To date, these meals have been provided by a handful of persons within the Hilltop community but this would be a perfect chance for new supporters to make a direct and positive impact on the lives of our students as frequently as they are able. 

3. Serving on the Board of Directors 

Currently, we have a small but mighty crew of faithful men and women who are passionate about raising up generations of Christian leaders through The Wesley Foundation. We are looking for more voices to join us in the privilege of overseeing the fulfillment of our mission and vision (e.g. Pastors, lay persons, recent MNSU graduates, etc.). We have a specific need for a Treasurer/Financial Secretary.

4. Partnering financially

 We are in a season of working to raise enough funds through long-term partnerships that we are capable of becoming a full-time ministry within the next two years. Over the course of the next six months, we have a goal of raising $50,000 in pledges to cover staff compensation and programming costs for the year; next year, we intend to double that goal.

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